Miguel Franco, 30 years of music making, I: 1983-1993. 


Miguel Franco abandons his studies of Science at the University of Murcia to devote himself exclusively to music. Later on participates as a bassist in the Murcia Youth Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, where he meets the masters Felix Lavilla, Ferran Sala, Agustín León Ara and Scott Rawls, who, after hearing his first compositions, is encouraged to follow a career as a composer.


November 10
Premiere of 
Entretanto, op.1, unaccompanied for viola in the Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory, North Caroline, USA by the American violist Scott Rawls.


Music for 
La celada fuente, a play by Fuensanta Muñoz Clares  directed by César Bernard and premiered at the Romea Theater, in Murcia.

March 30.
Premier of
Remote Variations  No. 1, op 2, for cello and piano, in the Auditorium of the Unión Artística Musical in
Buñol, Valencia, by the cellist Amparo Lacruz and the pianist Luis Rego.


2nd Prize award of the VI Young Composers Contest (1985) of Juventudes Musicales de Barcelona for the piece The rescued childhood op 3, for voice and piano.

April 20.

Premiere of 
Trio-sonata, Op 5, for flute, oboe and piano at the VI International Festival of Youth Orchestras in Murcia, in the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music "Masotti-Little" by the Trio of Debrecen, Hungary.

he shows a natural sense to design and distribute the
music. The work liked very much and was much applauded.

Octavio de Juan. Diario La Verdad, Murcia.
April 21, 1986.

August 12.
Premier of 
The rescued childhood op 3,
for voice and piano, based on poems by Chumilla Carbajosa (1961), at the Grec Festival '86, with Mehumi Tani, soprano, and Manuel Garcia Morante, piano.


The British soprano Sarah Fulgoni records the song cycle
The childhood rescued , op 3, at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

The pianist Rodderick Barrand records the work
Entretanto, op 10, for piano, as part of the soundtrack of the Chumilla Carbajosa’s film The dialed number.

March 6.
Premiere of
Introduction and pasodoble No. 1, Op 8, for double-bass and piano, at the Howard Building in Cambridge, England, sponsored by the Downig College Music Society, with Chris West, double-bass and Philip Walsh, piano.


Music for the film
The dialed number, directed by Chumilla Carbajosa and produced by Elias Querejeta, and premiered at the Alcalá. CinemaPalace in Madrid.

June 8
The violist Jane Cordell performs Entretanto, Op 1, for unaccompanied viola in a recital at the Royal Northern College of Music of Manchester, UK.


March 16.
Premiere of
Chumillesca, op 18, for brass quintet, in the Church of Veracruz de Segovia with the Brass Quintet of the OSRTVE.

October 10.
Premiere of
Sonatina, op 13, for unaccompanied marimba 
in the Bachzaal of the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam, Holland, performed by Lourdes Vicente de Vera.


August 8.
Premiere of Sonatina, op 23, for
unaccompanied timpani, in the VIII Percussion Meetings of Xixona , Alicante, performed by Enrique Llopis.

September 18.
Premiere of
Entretanto, op 10, for piano
, performed by the Bulgarian pianist Mariana Gurkova.at the Nicolas Salmerón Cultural Center of Madrid.

October 7.
Premiere of
Entretanto, op 25, for unaccompanied cello in the 3rd
Festival of Contemporay Music of Barcelona, ??with the Serbian cellist Suzana Stefanovic.


March 29
Premiere of the 
Partita No. 1, Op 26, for piano, in the Kamermuzieckcentrum De Suite in Amsterdam, Holland, by the Dutch pianist Roderigo Robles de Medina.

Music for the film
The promised Hell
, directed by Chumilla Carbajosa.and premiered at the Teatro Romea, in Murcia.


April 4
Premiere of 
Suite No. 2, Op 31, for twelve percussionists at the Romea Theater in Murcia, in the XII International Festival of Youth Orchestras, performed by the Tabir Percussion Ensemble,l directed by Enrique Llopis.

The ‘Suite’ provides a particularly sensitive ttreatment
of this type of set. Liked the work and the author had to collect
on stage the deserved applause.

Octavio de Juan. Diario La Verdad, Murcia.
April 7, 1993.

June 15.
Premiere of
Entretanto, op 34, for unaccompanied oboe, performed
by Carlos Alonso Castelló at the Manuel de Falla Hall of the Conservatory of Music in Madrid. .

December 11.
Premiere of Third Chamber Fantasy, op 37, at the San Juan Bautista Cultural Center of Madrid, performed by Tabir Percussion Ensemble, directed by Enrique Llopis.

      30 YEARS OF
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