Miguel Franco, 30 years of music making, II: 1994-1999. 


January 20
Premiere of 
Fantasy-Toccata, Op 30 for piano, in the Auditorium Caixa Tarragona by the Bulgarian pianist Mariana Gurkova.
... the interesting and well-built Fantasy Toccata, by
the young Spanish composer Miguel Franco, rich in dynamic contrasts
and the base of a language of direct and easy communication
when it’s well performed.

Ricardo Hontañón. El Diario Montañs, Cantabria.
December 3, 1994.

February 14.
Premiere of 
Concerto for marimba and chamber orchestra, op 24, at the Romea Theater in Murcia with Juan Jose Guillem and the Symphony Orchestra of Murcia conducted by Manuel Hernández Silva.
Miguel Franco searches a language that properly combines
the typical evolution of the twentieth century with a very personal idea
eliminating all traces of artificial avant-garde in order to achieve a kind of work that communicates, beautiful, and especially with a peculiar atmosphere.

John Chupé. Diario La Verdad, Murcia.
February 21, 1994.

May 23.
Premiere of
Sonatina No. 4, Op 36 for piano, performed by Miguel Baró at the CAM Cultural Center of Murcia. 

The Sonatina for the Left Hand is a happy incursion of
Miguel Franco in this unique repertoire, which is carried out
with fluidity and skill of writing, ...

Octavio de Juan. Diario La Verdad, Murcia.
May 27, 1994.

May 29
Premiere of Second Chamber Fantasy, Op 33, for two percussionists, in the Apollo Hall of Seville, performed by Flux Percussion.


February 21
Premiere of Fantasy-Rondo, op 45, for eight percussionists, at the Pradillo Theater of Madrid, performed by Tabir Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Enrique Llopis.

March 12.
Premiere of First Rhapsody Symphony, op 43, for E flat clarinet and orchestra at the Villa de Madrid Cultural Center with the clarinetist Miguel Civera and the Symphonic Band of Madrid, directed by Enrique García Asensio.

Music for the filmLoves that kill, directed by Chumilla Carbajosa and premiered at the Proyecciones Cinema in Madrid.

 Three things stand out and are held in Loves that kill:
a) the music of Miguel Franco, a unique variation of the piece

Espinita that, from the credits, advances
 and reinforces the unmistakable tone of farce ...

Diego P. Nicolas Lopez. Diario La Verdad, Murcia.
February 9, 1996

Mundimúsica publishes The well-tuned bass, a collection of pieces for young students based on Spanish folklore with original piano accompaniment and ordered according to the tonal system

" The well-tuned bass. Miguel Franco, composer and soloist of the instrument in the RTVE Symphony Orchestra, offers a full Spanish material available to double-bass students. It is a compilation of 30 popular Spanish songs that the double-bass sings with great technical interest and original piano accompaniment. Without being only childish, the collection will be of great benefit to children, increasing the number of bassists in the classroom.

"Álvaro Guibert. Melómano Magazine, Madrid.
January 1997.

November 30
Premiere of
Aria rincontrata
, for trumpet and organ at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, in the I Chamber Music Cycle of the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE, performed by Benjamín Moreno, trumpet and Pilar Cabrera, organ.

June 14
Premiere of 
Three bagatelas, op 48
, for seven percussionists, by the Percussion Ensemble of the Municipal School of Music "Maestro Barbieri" from Zaragoza, led by Javier Belinchón.


April 5
Premiere of 
Scherzo-Toccata, Op 51, for five percussionists in the Víctor Jara Auditorium of Arganda, Madrid, by the Percussion Group of the School of Music of Alcorcón, conducted by Rafael Más.

April 24.
Premiere of
Sonatina No. 3, Op 32 for piano
, at the Caja Asturias Concert Hall in Gijon, performed by the Bulgarian pianist Mariana Gurkova.

The cellist Dimitri Furnadjiev plays
Entretanto, op 25, for unaccompanied cello, in the San Quirce Church in Segovia, during the Fourth Conference on Twenty Century Music.
 But it was with the Nine Preludes 
(Entretanto, op 25, for unaccompanied cello)
of M. Franco... that the audience began to enjoy.

Manuel S. Sanz. El Adelantado de Segovia.
April 26, 1997.

September 27.
Premiere of
Nocturnal robbery from a limping man to another, Op.54, with text by J. F.Burgos, for  bass, bass trombone and percussion (1), at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, during the 3rd National Convention of Percussion , performed by Jorge Lujua, bass,. Simeon Galduf, trombone and Rafa Más, percussion.

October 11
Premiere of
Introduction and Pasodoble, op 8a,
 for double bass and strings, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, in the II Chamber Music cycle Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE, by the bassist Manuel Herrero and the Spanish Academic Camerata conducted by Jose Luis Temes.

October 26.
Premiere of
Introduction and pasodoble, op 16b,
for clarinet and percussion ensemble, performed during the Nova Music Festival of Sofia, Bulgaria, in the Studio I of the Bulgarian National Radio,


January 13.
Premiere of 
Partita No. 2, Op 49, for piano, at the National Auditorium in Madrid by Joaquin Soriano.

Virtuosic music ... with which the pianist seems to enjoy
and not less the audience, judging by the long
ovation that the performer and the composer received.

Jose Luis Garcia del Busto. ABC.
January 15, 1998.

February 16.
Premiere of
Entretanto, op 56, for unaccompanied trombone 
, at the Pradillo Theater in Madrid by Simeon Galduf.

February 22.
Premiere of 
Three satires of Quevedo, op 53
, for soprano, E flat clarinet and orchestra, at the Centro Cultural de la Villa of Madrid, with the soprano Milagros Poblador, the clarinetist Miguel Civera and the Symphonic Band of Madrid, conducted by Pedro Pírfano.

May 15.
Premiere of 
Suite No. 1, Op 29a,
for saxophone quartet at the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music "Masotti Little" in Murcia, performed by the Amalgama.Quartet.

Music for the play Pedro de Urdemalas, by Miguel de Cervantes, directed by Gaspar Cano for the Theatre Festival of Almagro, Ciudad Real.

July 1
Premiere of 
Overture in the form of variations, Op 58a
, for string orchestra during the Evenings of Spain Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, performed by the Hermitage Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alexis Soriano.

December 5.
2nd Prize award in the First Composition Competition "Ciutat deLliria" 1998, and premiere of
Concerto for timpani and orchestra,op 35
, in the theater of the Banda Primitiva of Lliria, Valencia, performed by the percussionist Enrique Llopis and the wind band Primitiva conducted by Ramón Ramírez Beneyto.


January 23.
Premiere of 
Poems of love and forgetfulness, op 57, for mezzo and chamber orchestra at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, in the III Chamber Music Cycle of the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE, with the mezzo-soprano Marina Pardo and soloists of RTVE, led by Luis Navidad.

July 1
Premiere of List of mushrooms, op 62, for trumpet and percussion (1) in the Neopercusión Studies Center of Madrid, performed by the trumpet Luis Gonzalez and the percussionist Rafael Más.

Music for the film
Zapping, directed by Chumilla Carbajosa and premiered at Gran Vía Cinema in Madrid.
      30 YEARS OF
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