January 14.
Premiere of Remote Variations, Op 17 for viola and piano, at the Manuel de Falla Hall in the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, with the violist Luis Llácer and the pianist Gonzalo Manzanares..

June 5.
Premiere of Suite No. 1, Op 29, for clarinet quartet in the Auditorium of the National Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, performed by the Boehm Quartet.

October 6.
Premiere of Three Madrigals from "Don Quixote", op 64, for mixed chorus a cappella, in the Monumental Theater in Madrid, performed by the Choir RTVE conducted by Mariano Alfonso.

November 18.
Premiere of Two Cantatas from the Golden Age, op 67, for mixed choir and brass octet in the Conde Duque Cultural Center, performed by the conducted by the RTVE Choir and Brass Ensemble conducted by Mariano Alfonso.


February 16.
Premiere of Concert Variations, op 52, for bassoon and chamber orchestra at the Monumental Theater in Madrid, in the VI Chamber Music Cycle of the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE, performed by the bassoonist Miguel Barona and the Modus Novus Group, conducted by Lorenzo Ramos.

November 23.
Premiere of Sonatina No. 6, op 71, for piano, in the Saint Merry Church of Paris, during the Second Cycle of Spanish Contemporary Music in Europe, performed by Pilar Valero.

November 29.
Premiere of Overture in the form of variations, op 58, for orchestra, at the Monumental Theater in Madrid, performed by the RTVE Orchestra conducted by James Judd.

Miguel Franco…, bass soloist of the same orchestra
showed his obvious mastery of the symphonic language secrets

Leopoldo Hontañón. Diario ABC.
5 de Diciembre de 2001.

Excellent and well-conceived work,
ambitious, showing that music can be modern
and well-sounding with knowledge and professionalism.

F. Javier Santos. ABC.
May 19, 2007.

February 12
Premiere of Suite No. 5, op 63, for E flat clarinet,piano and brass orchestra and percussion, at the Cultural Center Villa de Madrid, performed by de clarinetist Miguel Civera, the pianist Mariana Gurkova, and the Symphonic Band of Madrid conducted by Enrique Garcia Asensio.

RTVE MusicRecords publishes Three Madrigals from "Don Quixote", op 65, recording made in the Madrid in the Lenx Hall by the chorus of RTVE, conducted by  Mariano Alfonso.


 February 8
Premiere of Nine Poems of Gloria Fuertes, op 70, for soprano and chamber orchestra at the Monumental Theater in Madrid, in the VII Chamber Music Cycle  of the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE, performed by the sopranoCarmen Avila and Soloists of the RTVE,  led by Luis Navidad.

October 13
Premiere of Sinfonietta, Op 59, for orchestra, in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the Spanish Evenings Festival, performed by the Hermitage Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alexis Soriano.

February 28
Premiere of Suite No. 3, Op 38, for violin and viola, at the Monumental Theater in Madrid, in the VIII Chamber Music Cycle of the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE, by the violinist Michael Pearson and the violist Sergio Sola.
Premiere ofFour views of Párraga, op 75, for cello and orchestra, in the Auditorium and Congress Center of Murcia, during the XXIII International Festival of Youth Orchestras, performed by the Bulgarian cellist StanimirTodorov and the International Orchestra FIOJ 2004 conducted by César Álvarez.

A large scale concerto for cello and orchestra t
hat is handled with apparent ease by the composer.
The work is listened always with evident pleasure and in more than one aspect may be a continuance of the generation of the great masters of Spanish music. "

Octavio de Juan. Diario La Verdad de Murcia.
April 11, 2004.

October 28.
Premiere of New Vision of the Minotaur, op 78, string quartet nº 1, in the Almudí Palace on the occasion of the exhibition "Minotaur" by the artist José Lucas, and performed by the Saravasti Quartet .


April 30.
The Tomsk Symphony Orchestra of Siberia, conducted by César Álvarez, performs the 
Sinfonietta, op 59.

RTVE Music Records publishes
New Vision of the Minotaur, op 78, a recording made by the Saravasti  Quartet  in the Studies of RNE in Murcia.

Music for the film
Magicians like you
, directed by Chumilla Carbajosa, shown on television as a production of Canal + Spain.

December 17
Meanwhile, op 4, for unaccompanied trumpet, in the Concert Hall of the March Foundation in Madrid, by the trumpet Germán Asensi.


April 28
Premiere of Triptych for lonely lovers, op 73, for baritone and orchestra, with texts by J. F. Burgos, in the Auditorium Padre Soler of the Carlos III University in Leganes, Madrid, performed by Rodrigo Esteves, and the RTVE Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adrian Leaper.

September 16

Premiere of Four poems by Samuel Beckett, op 83 for soprano double and bass in the Salnitre Covas of Collbató, Barcelona, performed by the soprano??Montse Solá and the bassist Manel Ortega.

September 24
The soprano Carmen Gurriarán and bassist Roberto Terrón perform Four poems by Samuel Beckett, op 83, in the Auditorium of the Culture House of Tres Cantos, Madrid, within the VI International Festival of Contemporary Music.

September 25.
Premiere of Sonatina No. 2, Op 28 for piano, in the Auditorium of Vale do Lobo, Portugal, by the Dutch pianist Roderigo Robles de Medina.

November 30.
Premiere of Serenade for unaccompanied double-bassop 84, in the Painted the House Foundation of Mula, Murcia, by the bassist Emilio Yepes.


June 7
Premiere of Sonatina No. 5, op 69 for piano, in the CAM Cultural Center of Murcia by the pianist Pedro Valero.

September 14

The Orchestra Sinfonica della Provincia di Bari performs Overture in the form of variations, Op 58, conductedby José Miguel Rodilla.

Very interesting piece that reveals an open author
but with a careful and sensitive measure of modern languages
at the same time, able to combine
the taste of instrumental color and rhythmic games.

Nicola Sbisa. La gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. Bari.
September 15, 2007.

October 23.
Monograph concert sponsored by the Fundación Caja Murcia and held in the Auditorium "Victor Villegas" with the participation of the violinist Miguel Pérez Espejo and the Murcia Symphony Orchestra conducted by José Miguel Rodilla, with the premiere of Sinfonia concertante, op 87,for violin and orchestra, the Chamber Concerto, Op 77, for 15 soloists, and the Partita for Orchestra, op 68.

The affection for the fugatos, a way to honor the music,
that is enriched by an orchestral palette whose originality
obey to an innate good taste ...

Octavio de Juan. Diario La Verdad de, Murcia.
October 26, 2007.


Miguel Franco, 30 years of music making, III: 2000-2007. 

      30 YEARS OF
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