Miguel Franco, 30 years of music making, IV: 2008-2012. 


March 18.
Premiere of 
The Triumph of Death, op 89, second string quartet, in the Spanish Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca, within the 47Religious Music Week, performed by the Granados Quartet 

Honest work, no doubt ...
forced to think about the long tortuous transit
of artistic creation. Another way to meditate.

Alberto González Lapuente. ABC.
March 23, 2008

April 19.
The Bilkent Senfoni Orkestrasi, directed by José Miguel Rodilla performs
Overture in the form of variations, Op 58
, within the 25 Music Festival in Ankara, Turkey.

May 12.
Premiere of 
Three sad songs, op 85
, with texts by Vicente Huidobro and Gracia Iglesias, for soprano, violin and piano, at the Dávalos Palace of Guadalajara, performed by the Colombians Claudia Yepes, soprano and Rubén Reina, violin, and the Australian pianist Duncan Gifford 

July 14.
Premiere of Thader’s Voices, op 91, string quartet nş 3, at the opening ceremony of the Murcia’s Gallery in Zaragoza’s Expo '08, performed by the Almus Quartet.


February 14.
Premiere of
Suite No. 4, op 39a, for english horn and string quartet, at the Monumental Theater of Madrid within the XIII Chamber Music Cycle of the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE performed by Carlos Alonso, English horn, Marian Moraru and Rafael Herrador, violins, Oleg Krylnikov, viola and Anton Gakkel, cello.

February 27.
Premier of the first version of Passacaglia for orchestra (2008), op 90, in the Grand Theatre of Cordoba performed by the Cordoba Orchestra conducted by Manuel Hernández Silva.

The author surprised us again by the strength of his creation
and the intrinsic charm of his work, which put its author in the
first rank of contemporary Spanish music scene, 
at the same level of names perhaps more widespread but certainly not better. "

 Javier Santos. ABC.
March 1, 2009.

Attractive resonance ... drawn up in form
and harmony, equally modern and rooted in tradition ...
This kind of musical language, which some call "well-sounding"
 as opposed to the radical avant-garde or "art without an audience"

Antonio Torralba, The Day of Cordoba.
March 2, 2009.

March 17.
Premiere of
Three romantic paintings, op 92
for violin and piano at the Museum of Fine Arts in Murcia, performed by Margherita Marseglia, violin, and Jesús María Gómez, piano.

October 1.
Premiere of the
Partita No. 3, Op 93 for piano, in the Narciso Yepes Hall of the Auditorium of Murcia performed by the Serbian pianist Isaac István Székely, within the activities of the conference on "Music in Murcia: Current status and future prospects", 
organized by the Association of Composers and Music Researchers from the Region of Murcia.

December 15.
Premiere of
Introduction and Pasodoble for orchestra, Op 16b
, in the Midwest Clinic held at McCormick Place in Chicago, USA, performed by the Murcia Youth Orchestra conducted by Virginia Martinez.


March 2
Premiere of
Scenes of Saints, Op 95 for cello and piano by the cellist Angel Garcia-Jermann and the Brazilian pianist Kenedy Moretti at the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia.

March 6
The pianist Pedro Valero performs
Sonatina No. 5, op 69
, in the Palace of Vescovado in Naples, Italy..

March 13
Premiere of
Fantasy and Tiento, op 98
, for string quintet, in the Monumental Theater within the XIV Chamber Music Cycle of the Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE.

March 28
Premiere of
New differences on "Guárdame las vacas", op 97
, by the violinist Victor Arriola and the violist Eva Martin in the Auditorium of the Fundación Canal in Madrid.

April 3
The Philharmonic Orchestra of Baden-Baden, conducted by José Miguel Rodilla performs the
Partita for Orchestra, op 68.

April 21
Premiere of
Differences on a Fantasy by Luis Milan, Op 96 in the Auditorium of the University of Alicante, performed by the Almus Quartet


20 and 21 January
The RTVE Symphony Orchestra conducted by Manuel Hernández Silva performs the second version of
Passacaglia for orchestra (2009), op 90.

The Association
Pro-Música of Murcia names Miguel Franco Pro-Musician of the year, for, according to the jury, having been recognized by national and international critics, considering him "one of the most qualified members of the current music scene,"


October 8.
The Almus Quartet plays
Thader’s Voices, op 91 in the Auditorium and Congress Center of Murcia.

      30 YEARS OF
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