Miguel Franco


About me

Some of my works

It is very difficult to summarize a life dedicated to music. Next, you will see a small sample of my work, but I invite you to get to know all my pieces.


A collection of orchestral music pieces, ranging from pasodobles to chamber concerts.


A selection of works created for solo piano, which will immerse you in a world of toccatas, sonatas, etc.

Soloists and Orchestra

The most complete and exclusive collection of music pieces for soloists and orchestra, which will make you vibrate.

Chorus and Piano

A select list of pieces composed for choir and piano, and for choir and a capella, which are a luxury to the ear.


Concertante Symphony Op. 87

The critic

La crítica, tanto de oyentes como de expertos, es esencial para la carrera de un músico. Los oyentes ofrecen una perspectiva diversa sobre cómo se recibe la música, ayudando a los músicos a entender y conectar con su público. Los expertos, por otro lado, proporcionan una visión técnica y profesional, ayudando a los músicos a perfeccionar su oficio.

Nicola Sbisà.

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.

Do you like my work?

If you liked my work and want to buy any of my pieces, contact me through the contact form. Likewise, you can contact me for anything else.